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Exhibition Flooring Products

Metal & Wood Vinyl Flooring

Oak French Chesnut White Stud
Available in: 12 Colours

Metal and Wood vinyls are cost effective and stylish. Ideal for use in non-food preparation areas.

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Riva Cord Flooring

Aqua 0840 Helgroen 0622 Violet 0503
Available in: 17 Colours

An economy cord for multi-purpose use. Comes 17 colours.

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Plain and Simple Vinyl Flooring

White 1137  
Available in: 2 Colours

Plain and Simple vinyls are ideal for use on theatre sets and TV studios because of their non reflect qualities.

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Eco Safe Vinyl Flooring

1174-20-263-00 6343-20-263-00 1424-20-263-00
Available in: 9 Colours

A non-slip safety contract vinyl for potentially wet or damp areas.

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Vogue III Carpet Flooring

Chocolate White Red
Available in: 40 Colours

Vogue III is the popular choice for exhibition flooring. It is economical as well as being hardwearing.


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